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  1. pulliong a power move and hijacking this from Alan while procastinating writing my final report and making the nfl predictions thread the week. not adding up last week's records bc brain fried and my calculator's batteries are important Week 14 NFL Predictions Jags @ Titans: titans Giants @ Redskins: Giants Jets @ Bills: Bills Saints @ Buccaneers: Sainta Patriots @ Dolphins: Pats, though lowkey chance for an upset here Ravens @ Chiefs: Chiefs, but ^^ Colts @ Texans: Texans Panthers @ Browns: Browns Falcons @ Packers: Packers Broncos @ 49ers: Broncos Bengals @ Chargers: Chargers Eagles @ Cowboys: Cowboys Lions @ Cardinals: Lions Steelers @ Raiders: Stillers Rams @ Bears: Rams
  2. disappointing performance, gonna have to hit the film room today to see what went wrong and train even harder over the offseason.
  3. Paul

    Week 12 FFB Recap

    mfw dj kept spamming me on discord saying easy when he’s still not in the playoffs
  4. 3. About yourself: Im a mystery interesting
  5. a friend of mitch is a friend of mine welcome

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