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  1. Packers @ Seahawks: Packers Benglas @ Ravens: Bengals Cowboys @ Falcons: Cowboys Buccaneers @ Giants: Buccaneers Steelers @ Jaguars: Steelers Texans @ Redskins: Redskins Titans @ Colts: Titans Panthers @ Lions: Panthers Broncos @ Chargers: Chargers  Raiders @ Cardinals: Cardinals Eagles @ Saints: Saints Vikings @ Bears: Vikings Chiefs @ Rams: Chiefs
  2. Jiffy

    Week 10 FFB Recap

    Surprised no Browns flame this week. Lookin forward to next week.
  3. Jiffy

    Black Friday

    If you plan on using Amazon check: https://camelcamelcamel.com It's a site that tracks the price to see if it's actually a deal, or just labeled as one.
  4. Welcome to the forums mate. Lookin forward to seeing you round.
  5. Welcome! If you got any questions hit me up on discord.
  6. Issa ghostie Ot: same as above

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