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  1. Thought it was just gonna be one for the kiddies, but this is fucking great Ryan Reynolds
  2. ps2. Sounds weird af coming from someone who's a nintendo fan boy these days but growing up I played the hell out of the tony hawk games, the madden games and classics like shadow of the colossus.
  3. Ace

    bang bang bang bang

    overwatch is pretty garbage at this point though
  4. Honestly, not sure what would really help at this point. I remember back in 2013 the zybez clan discussion staff at the time was allowed to talk to mod mark on skype, and looking back, we've achieved a lot that wasn't really supposed to happen. Putting an official clan system into the game could really help, along with all the clan information that'd come with it(clan exp, deaths, kills, ect). At the time when it was first introduced pre-eoc many people questioned whether it truly benefited pvp clans as they felt it took away many mains from the scene who'd rather be in "clan chats" with their friends than join actual clans. However, it puts pvp clans out there a lot more, and it'd give them more tools to better the quality of life we have with clans at the moment. Edit: Also bringing back the jcup would be good.
  5. Ace

    Im a smither

    gratz smithy boi
  6. Ace

    A warning to everyone

    damn can't believe high council adam would let down his clan like this. can't say i'm motivated to join in the slightest seeing how officials operate :c
  7. 1. Rot - Good clan will never get beat in Wildy 2. Fools - Good clan but Gmt clan 3. Di - Put you ahead of Dforces since you can fight in Wildy 4. Dforces - Truce with Rot and fight Di might be better at cwa not sure 5. Liths - Owners but also gmt 6. Tr - Would beat below 7. Poison - Would beat below 8. Ronin - Idk but you'd beat below probably 9. Fsk - No explanation needed 10. Vr - Hope you can recover to compete with top clans again

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