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  1. Jags @ Titans: Titans Giants @ Redskins: Redskins Jets @ Bills: Jets Saints @ Buccaneers: Saints Patriots @ Dolphins: Pats Ravens @ Chiefs: Chiefs Colts @ Texans: Texans Panthers @ Browns: Panthers Falcons @ Packers: Packers Broncos @ 49ers: Broncos Bengals @ Chargers: Chargers Eagles @ Cowboys: Cowboys Lions @ Cardinals: Lions Steelers @ Raiders: Steelers Rams @ Bears: Rams
  2. well im straight, so obviously I am
  3. 1. Real life name/preferred name: Kevin, although many of you guys know me as the goddess riley 2. Runescape Name and Past RSNs: current: Kevin with K past: addmoesugir, RileyReid, kwreak 3. About yourself: Im 24 from Michigan currently attending university studying to become a teacher, History major PE minor, I also coach high school wrestling and our season just started so busy with that a lot atm. 4. Clan History: Downfall Divine forces 5. Do you know anyone in Renegades? all the guys who are EX-df (true, david, etc..) 6. Do you plan on joining Renegades? Wouldn't rule it out in the far out future, not really any time soon. 7. Additional Comments: is TrueFOXA a still bad at the game?

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