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  1. Packers @ Seahawks: Seahawks Benglas @ Ravens: Ravens Cowboys @ Falcons: Cowboys Buccaneers @ Giants: Giants Steelers @ Jaguars: Steelers Texans @ Redskins: Texans Titans @ Colts: Colts Panthers @ Lions: Panthers Broncos @ Chargers: Chargers Raiders @ Cardinals: Cardinals Eagles @ Saints: Saints Vikings @ Bears: Bears Chiefs @ Rams: Rams
  2. interact in discord, welcome ur adam#3 btw
  3. not tr, but hotdog got a rank in foe and tried to get a mass leave and bring their members to his new clan apparently
  4. Hit up the caves for some loot/action and didn't leave disappointed. Had various scraps/cleared various teams for about 3 hours til we got bored and decided to call it. Not much else to say really, good job renegaders!
  5. DAK

    Week 10 FFB Recap

    zq won the trade
  6. DAK

    Black Friday

    cant wait to spend money i dont have probably next week we'll start seeing the deals being advertised heavily
  7. Panthers @ Steelers: Steelers Saints @ Bengals: Saints Falcons @ Browns: Falcons Lions @ Bears: Bears Cardinals @ Chiefs: Chiefs Patriots @ Titans: Patriots Redskins @ Buccaneers: Buccaneers Bills @ Jets: Jets Jaguars @ Colts: Colts Chargers @ Raiders: Chargers Seahawks @ Rams: Rams Dolphins @ Packers: Packers Cowboys @ Eagles: Eagles Giants @ 49ers: 49ers

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