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MogTime World War: SV, DF, VR, VnG

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Today the clan world got together for a giant P2P cluster in the wildy. It all started when the streamer MogTime announced that he would host "World War II" a couple weeks ago, and as the date came closer and closer it became apparent that every clan planned to prep big and be a part of it. Being written off as a F2P only clan, we were determined to get our foot in the door and show the clan world we're capable of much more than just that.


Chapter 1: Sovereign and Violent Resolution

Our day started with us rushing SV fighting someone (jaja?) south of Vet'ion. We got a north to south and rushed in with barrage and hit them hard initially. That big initial hit gave us the momentum, and with SV caught off guard they quickly had to dip south below 30 wild and regroup at Edge. Once they had left the wild, we accidentally found VR sitting in singles right next to where the fight was. We killed their downies that were in multi and flamed them trying to get them into multi. Unfortunately they wouldn't budge, so we began spearing people like Cera and others into multi and killing them. We did this for at least 5-10 of their members before running south to hit a couple Avalon at corp cave back to Edgeville before regearing for our next fight ourselves. 





Chapter 2: Divine Forces

Shortly after re-gearing DF2 pmed us for a fight, clearly feeling confident with their first 30+ pull since dropping out of the Sharkbrew Tournament. There was no hesitation on our side and once they told us they were at dwarves we came flying in. Throughout the fight we dictated the spots on the minimap we wanted to control, forcing DF2 constantly into the trees where they couldn't kill anyone and if they tried to get out we'd just crash into their clump. After ~45 minutes, DF remained stubborn refusing to leave despite the highlights from their POV being at best even with us. They began to drag the fight to poison spiders, to bear, to north of single strip, then finally new gate before eventually giving up and logging out. Nice try DF2 but stick to hugging the 30 line in rev caves with 8 ballistas.













Chapter 3: Sovereign's regroup

Quickly after clearing DF2, our intel told us SV were going to regroup at RDG on a different world. Knowing we didn't have enough people to fight them head-on, we played it smart and quickly sped up our re-gear to catch them in a barrage pile while they were off-guard and at half-power for a ton of easy loot. We spread north to south just west of RDG and executed our plan perfectly - killing 40+ SV in clumps and chasing them through gap and down to dwarves. 



Chapter 4: Vanguard and Violent Resolution

In our last chapter of the day, we found VnG just sitting around at tip. We positioned and rushed from the south and killed about a dozen before the rest logged out - successfully ending their trip. We proceeded to walk east to see if we could find anyone else to kill before bumping into VR south of gap, but unfortunately their small barrage squad barely fazed us as we pushed through gap and chased them all down.






Overall it was a really fun day. We fought vs 5+ clans for 3 or so hours, had barrage gwas's and clean 1v1's with multiple clans. Thanks MogTime for hosting the event and looking forward to the next one!

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ty for all the torags df2 lol filled up my looty bag like 4x lol

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Winning in all parts of the wilderness

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couldnt stop catching Ws tonight

still cant believe the gays hid in the trees like that

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Nice job boys

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DF cry more btw 

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